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Full loads, half loads, and batches from 3 pallets, machinery, agri-food and industry. Distribution service from ½ pallet to 3 pallets.


A large, covered warehouse with the option of both ramp and side handling.

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National and
international transport

We provide road transport between the Iberian Peninsula, France and the rest of Europe.


Full door-to-door loads of up to 28 tonnes in France, and 25 tonnes in Spain.

Groupage and
Partial loads

Direct delivery of batches, shipments, pallets and machinery from our warehouse in Hendaye, France.


Management of up to 6 pallets in France and Europe through our Pallet Network system.

Inland Freight

Working with the Astre Group's national and international partners, we meet the needs of our customers and have developed an exclusive service for monitoring flows.


We have 10,000 m² available where we offer short-, medium- and long-term storage solutions for goods on a covered surface of 4,000 m².

Environmental responsibility

LAPEGUE Transport has made a voluntary commitment to reduce CO2 gas emissions in their road freight transport activities.

This involves implementing a series of actions which are reported annually to ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency). To this end, it is a signatory to the Objectif CO2 programme.

Pallet System

Pallet System is the perfect solution for pallet distribution in France and Europe, with 7 distribution centres and more than 200 employees within the ASTRE group. Economical and environmentally friendly, it guarantees safety and traceability in deliveries from ¼ pallet to 6 pallets day in day out.

A constantly evolving network to meet the needs and requirements of our customers.

Truck Washing - Parking

Parking is available for trucks during the week or weekend with a fully equipped washing station and mechanical workshop for any necessary repairs.